Want to hide apps or folder in iOS 7

30/01/2014 01:42

These days everybody is using smartphones and with every smartphone, latest apps and features come to play with. We are becoming addicted to it. Apple is a comapany which is known for its quality product and as well as for its features. You might be saving some important or confidential stuff in your phone. You might not want to share your apps or folders with others. iOS 7 has been released and comes with many features and great interface. 

Sometimes , learning an operating system becomes a difficult task to do. We are having Android, iOS, Windows 8 etc as an operating system. Each of them provides their best features but still we remain doubtful in many issues. Hiding an app or folder is one of that issue. Each operating system has its way to perform it. But here we are talking about iOS 7. iOS 7 provides you an easy method to achieve this. This method will help you to hide the unwanted apps or folders.Click the below given link to learn to hide the apps or folders....

                                              How to hide apps in IOS 7