Big Brother 2013 Runner Up

31/05/2014 23:52

Big Brother 2013 is over and Big Brother 2014 is approaching very fast. Everybody must be waiting for this show because of the reality touch of this show. We all know that the Big Brother 2013 winner is Sam Evans whereas the runner up is Dexter Koh.

Big Brother 2013 Runner Up

There were many contestants which battled for the top spot and they are Dexter Koh, Gina Rio, Sam Evans , Jack & Joe Glenny and Charlie Travers. But Sam Evans won the show and Dexter became the runner up contestant. Dester was hoping of winning but it did not happen. Since Dexter came into the game, Everybody was clueless about his plans. Sometime he was like a normal and somtimes he was like he is up to something.

He admitted that he never expected to be in the final and he thanked the viewers for saving him up to the final show. When he was asked about his manipulative character, he added "Not really, I don’t. I have a good heart and hopefully that came across. I do admit I am a risk taker and I have taken risks in the house. It took me a long time to become myself – I came out of the safe house and suddenly, I realised who I was". He also admitted that he had some plans before entering the show but all plans went wrong when he made some friends there.

You must be waiting for another season of Big Brother 2014, so you can get latest news of Big Brother 2014 on the below given link.


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